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KAOSCANDY is an official Eggies Partner Token and integral game coin used within the game Eggies World.   “Eggies” is a Tron blockchain game being launched via the Sesameseed platform, “SEED Germinator”.

KAOSCANDY is the authorized token #4 under the EGGIES Investment Plan. KAOSCANDY is rewarded to players in-game and can become an essential and useful token needed for the players Monsters health, or for an essential boost in speed or stamina.

There are a total of 5 Authorized Partner Tokens:

(1) [PRO] Proton gaming
(2) [MMT] MarshMeloToken
(3) [KIWI] KiwiBerry

Only the 5 Official Partner Tokens (above) will be guaranteed as useful and usable within the game.   Only Partner Tokens will guarantee positive effects/results for your EGGIES monster


Example: You transfer one TRX token into your Eggies game wallet.  The game then sends a KAOSCANDY to your player wallet, and because the game is connected to the player wallet,  it recognizes there is a KAOSKANDY present so the game will now replenish your health and will give the monster an extra beneficial effect.

You can buy KAOSKANDY outside of the game, on an exchangem hwever it’s not a requirement, but you can do so, and it will have the same beneficial effect, BUT IT WILL NOT REPLENISH HEALTH.  This can only be achieved with at least 1 TRX.

Many other tokens are available to the game, however beneficial effects are not guaranteed. Scam tokens will not work. The player will have to try different tokens to test the effect on the monster.  The danger of trying random tokens which are detrimental to your monsters health will be the continual decline in your monsters health as each coin you test fails to work,  so using unknown coins come with a risk.

If you buy a KAOSCANDY it will go into your Player Wallet.  If you tip the same token to another wallet, the game will recognize this as an outgoing transaction, however this could effectively cause a minus one to speed or minus one to power on your monster.

We will publish more details on KAOSCANDY Token closer to the release of the game.  EGGIES WORLD is a ( Official SEED Germinator Project.


How will KAOSCANDY become useable on Multiple Gaming Platforms?

A Game player knows the annoyance of purchasing Game Tokens and then being unable to finish the game or abandons the game, rendering those same tokens as unusable; inevitably a waste of time and money.   KAOSCANDY attempts to resolve the inefficiencies of existing tokens, by utilizing the tokens within the TRON Blockchain, and effectively permitting KAOSCANDY to become a multi platform game token which cannot expire.

What is the value of the  KAOSCANDY TOKEN?

KAOSCANDY TOKEN has an ICO price of 1:1 (1 Tron TRX = 1 KAOSCANDY).  IN GAME value of KAOSCANDY token is likely to be up to 3 times higher, once listed on NUMEX.Exchange, the value of KAOSCANDY will likely rise due to a confirmed integration into the EGGIES gaming platform


🍭   There are 995 million KAOSCANDY FROZEN in storage
🍭   ONLY 4.7 million total Tokens have been distributed
🍭   38000 KAOSCANDY were bought through Telegram
🍭   4.69 Million KAOSCANDY Tokens were bought on ICO, by Investors and Partners
🍭   ICO Closes November 2018



Q4 – 2018 : GOAL Success!!


🍭   KAOSCANDY Token Listing Confirmed on NUMEX Exchange:

🍭   Multiple FIAT and Crypto Pairing on NUMEX Exhange.  KAOSCANDY/USD + KAOSCANDY/BTC

🍭   KAOSCANDY Token Listing Confirmed and LIVE on TRXINFO Exchange:

🍭   Successful Promotions and sales campaigns through Telegram, Twitter and social media.  Applications made to multiple exchanges for further listing.

Q4-2018 – Q1 -2019

🍭   Closing of public ICO: November 2018

🍭   KAOSCANDY Token awaiting approval on 3 more exchanges

🍭   KAOSCANDY Roadmap continues with generous Airdrops, Combo Discounts (EGG+KAOSCANDY) and EGGIES World Combo Coin Packs, we hope that Gamers, Investors and Gaming Platforms will become aware of this Utility token, and its potential in cross gaming platforms

🍭   KAOSCANDY Intends to airdrop tokens prior to the Eggies Game release in order to reward those persons who are lucky enough to be present on the Telegram channel for the airdrops.

🍭   KAOSCANDY Intends to promote the token to multiple Gaming platforms over the next year

🍭   LONGER TERM GOAL: After building partnerships with gaming developers KAOSCANDY intend to launch a unique game “KAOS CANDY” on the Tron Blockchain, utilizing the characters you see in our DEMO video. (see



We are Charitable
 As we expand and grow within the space we will Airdrop Tokens to our Supporters and the Gaming Community!

We are TRON (TRX) Advocates
We are working towards the Integration of Games on the TRON (TRX) Mainnet platform and achieving a contribution to Decentralized Internet

We are Programmers and Visual Artists
We share a vision of creating new games through the Tron Network.  We aspire to merge our skills with established Gaming. We Pursue the tokenization within all gaming networks to provide incentive to players